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Gayle’s Book

Because happiness does not come wrapped with a pink bow

"Where are the women?"

That's what a dozen of us women coaches asked at a coaching conference highlighting positive psychology.  Energized by our common quest, we put our heads together to create the first anthology of positive psychology ideas to enrich women’s lives.


From a feminist perspective of positive psychology to strategies for connecting with your girlhood “enchanted self,” from leadership to mindfulness, it’s all in here to inspire you and motivate you.

Edited by Judy Touchton, Gayle Scroggs, Yehudit Yosef, and Neera Puri.  [Psst: We’d love your reviews on Amazon.]

Stack of Books

Essential Books for Flourishing

by Martin Seligman

Groundbreaking classic by the founder of positive psychology and sparked the debate on the real meaning of happiness.  Which of the three roads to happiness are YOU on?

by Ryan M. Niemiec & Robert McGrath

Focusing on your character strengths will change your life.  Identify and leverage your hidden assets for greater engagement, joy, and meaning at work, home, and play.

by Brené Brown

Journey through the 87 emotions that define being human with this renowned researcher-storyteller.  Brown gives us the language and tools for insight and wise choices as we connect with others.

by Barbara Fredrickson

Learn how positive emotions function as the "tiny engines of flourishing."  This acclaimed researcher offers science-backed ways to leverage positivity and decrease negativity to induce an upward spiral of well-being.  A total game-changer.

by Barbara Fredrickson

What if love is more vital--and more accessible--than you thought? Fredrickson introduces the notion of positivity resonance–that special human connection that leads to flourishing across dimensions.

by Sonja Lyubomirksy

Genes, circumstances, and your own actions determine your happiness.  This acclaimed researcher offers evidence-based strategies for increasing it.  Design your personal roadmap to happiness.  

by Oliver Burkeman

Adam Grant calls this "the most important book on time management."  Accept that you'll never get all your ducks in a row--and still live a productive, meaningful ife.  Burkeman's wit makes it a great read.

by Judson Brewer

Unwinding Anxiety:  New Science Shows

How to Break the Cycles of Worry & Fear...

Stop ruminating for good!  Clinician-researcher, Brewer offers a step-by-step plan that breaks the cycle of worry and fear that drives anxiety and addictive habits.  It's simple and clinically proven.

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