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14 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Live Your Best Life

Are you getting in your own way of happiness and success? Discover 14 common bad habits that will keep you from living your best life—and what to do about them.

“Every action you take is a vote for the person you will become.” ~ James Clear

Who do you want to become?

That motivates some people—but not everyone. For some, we should turn the question around:

Who do you fear becoming?

Sadly, we often get in our own way by passively allowing unexamined bad habits to shape our character, as James Clear’s wise words warn us.

As a positive psychology coach, I’ve noticed common behavioral patterns that block many people from building a satisfying, successful life on their own terms.

Read over this list: Are any of these fourteen undesirable habits holding you back from living your best life? Circle the ones you need to start working on.

  1. Failing to honor your top priorities by going for low-hanging fruits.

  2. Letting bad moods dictate your actions (or inaction) instead of leveraging your behavior to improve your mood.

  3. Living on coffee and energy drinks instead of getting adequate sleep.

  4. Whipping yourself mentally instead of offering yourself self-compassion.

  5. Failing to ask for help when you need it because you feel too embarrassed to ask.

  6. Expecting a perfectly smooth road instead of anticipating setbacks.

  7. Staying inside your comfort zone instead of taking reasonable risks and adopting a growth mindset.

  8. Getting by on unhealthy food instead of eating nutritious meals.

  9. Putting off sufficient exercise because you believe you can’t afford the time.

  10. Constantly saying “yes” to others’ agendas instead of your own.

  11. Hoping someone else will do the hard work for you instead of assuming responsibility.

  12. Avoiding tasks that provoke discomfort and uncertainty by escaping to social media.

  13. Making excuses and blaming others instead of taking action on your own behalf.

  14. Feeding worry and anxiety by ruminating instead of developing calming practices.

What do all these behaviors have in common? They let you feel good now at the expense of long-term rewards. Such self-indulgent behavior works like a credit card—it feels good until you get the bill.

If you are getting in your own way, resolve today to start replacing your bad habits with healthier alternatives. When tempted to choose what you want in the moment, ask yourself what you really, really want.

You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. . and for the rest of your great life.

“The definition of hell is: Your last day on Earth, the person you became meets the person you could have become.” ~ Dan Sullivan

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