Positive Psych Coaching


What Can a Positive Psychology Coach Do for Me?

In your personal and professional life, would you like any of these?

. . . less stress and more success?

. . . less busy-ness and more meaning?

. . . less boredom and more engagement?

. . . less frustration and more connection?


“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Coaching is all about you and your story–the one you really want to live!

Become the author of your own life.  Bring your own agenda for your life at home, work, or play to our coaching conversation.

Maybe you want to finish your studies or write a book.  Or ditch a bad habit like procrastinating or ruminating or being overly critical or joyless. Perhaps you would like to improve your relationships. Or change your job–or just enjoy the one you have more.  Maybe you’ve retired and want to make the next chapter more joyful or more meaningful.

Positive psychology can be your catalyst for your goals.  As your partner, I use proven strategies to help you clarify the fuzzy issues, make value-based decisions, and craft plans that pull you forward using your natural strengths.  We will create accountability for following through on your action plan.  We will celebrate the tiny successes and major milestones along the way.

We will meet as often as suits your needs, usually weekly or biweekly by phone, video chat, or in person, as suits you. Between sessions, as my client, your responsibility is to follow through on your commitments, updating me about what works and what didn’t. There is never failure—just feedback and inspiration for continued outward progress and inner growth. You will learn to treasure what is already right about you and develop positive habits that contribute to sustainable well-being.

Ready to Flourish?  Hundreds of clients have already discovered the power of positive psychology coaching with me.  Find out for yourself how Essence Coaching can help you stop floundering and start flourishing.  Contact me for an obligation-free preview session that will set you on the path to the life you really want.

P. S.  Ask about our Essentially Positive program, a 12-session series that will immerse you in positive psychology strategies for joy, success, and meaning.  Select from an intriguing menu of research-informed activities and reflective exercises that promote flourishing, using Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, and achievement.

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