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S-BOAT 3.1  The Small Business Owner Assessment Tool for coaches and their clients. May be used without permission if used with complete attribution.

ICF Infographic 2013 :  Snapshot of coaches, fees, types, client expectations

Don’t Overtax Yourself:  Tax Deductions for Coaches (U.S. & Canada)

Top 25 Positive Psych Books for Coaches by Coach Gayle

2012 Resource Group Recordings thru 08-08-12:  Enjoy some classic evenings with the MentorCoach Resource Group by clicking on the above link. For newer recordings, see our Yahoo Group, the MentorCoach Cafe.  Write me for an invitation to join–include your name, email, and MentorCoach Foundations class number.

COACH CERTIFICATION:  Certification is the most official, visible recognition of your professional training and development. It connotes professionalism and opens additional business opportunities. It may become a requirement in the future. Here are the basics for MentorCoach students in my free white paper, Demystifying Coach Certification August 2014.  Also check MentorCoach and the International Coach Federation for updates and additional qualifying details.  When you are ready for the required mentor coaching, please contact me for a complimentary consultation.  


Isn’t it time that you claimed your personal and professional assets?   The following two exercises can build your confidence in your qualifications and your direction in coaching.   Your coaching journey begins with discovery.  Discover your unique constellation of qualities, expertise, and resources that can serve as your solid coaching base through this reflective exercise based on Appreciative Inquiry.  Before you consider niches and marketing, know who you are! Download “Your Positive Coaching Base”

You’ve already helped others.  Finding your niche doesn’t have to be frustrating or scary.  Analyze where you already have credibility and accessibility to identify your niche. Then focus your efforts on learning about your niche and how to serve it well.  Remember, start somewhere knowing that you can always change your mind! Download Niche Activity PDF.

Highly recommended resource.  If you are ready for a full exploration of your niche as well as how to attract all the clients you want, read and do the exercises in Michael Port’s highly acclaimed book, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling .